9 Benefits of Having a Good Posture :

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Better Posture Challenge

1. Happy body -> free of the tensions and pains especially around your neck, shoulders and whole back.

2. More lung capacity as your chest is more open and lifted your lungs have more space for taking the air in therefor there are more chances to breathe the dead air out which is very important especially in the times of the virus. Its best to keep your lungs clean, healthy and strong.

3. More space for your stomach, digestive system and internal organs.

4. Good posture also means tall and elongated back and spine -> healthy space between the vertebrates which means saving yourself from herniated discs that so many people suffer from these days.

5. People with good posture are more confident & stronger to face whatever life brings them verses people with closed chest and shoulders.

6. There is more energy flowing through your spine and entire body.

7. Your tall posture makes you look more beautiful.

8. Removes the double chin.

9. Its easier to meditate because your back is holding you so instead of pains or tensions in the body you can focus on your breathing or whatever anchor you are using for your practice ❤️

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14 Day Better Posture Challenge
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14 Day Better Posture Challenge

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