Antioxidant beetroot spread – Clean Your Blood with Nature

This very simple recipie has become very favourite amongs my friends. You can eat it with organic nachos as a snack, or put it on your plate as a sweet vegetable.

Little bit about beetroot:
Leaves are rich in oxalic acid so it is better to avoid them.The root instead offers very interesting nutritional properties, rich in sugars, mineral salts and vitamins, especially in potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and antioxidants. Among the latter is anthocyanin that makes beetroot a good ally of the cardiocirculatory system, beetroot is hypotensive and strengthens blood vessels. It facilitates the elimination of toxins from cells, is diuretic, purifying and mineralizing.It strengthens the gastric mucosa and stimulates the production of red globules, being indicated in case of anemia. Stimulates the lymphatic system.

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