How to Boost your Energy Levels the Natural Way – Boost Your Energy

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During the thousands of years our ancestors all over the planet have been eating whole grain foods.

Since the last 200 years, due to the modernization of agriculture and processed ​​products, food has been separating more and more from its traditional and natural way.

Thats why our digestive systems are all confused and out of balance.

This article looks at easy and natural way to improve your energy with wholegrain food – Seeds of Life.

I wonder, what did you have for breakfast today?

If you had just a coffee and toast, or perhaps a bowl of fresh fruit, porridge, or granola than Im sorry please don’t expect your body to have full power that it can give you.

Imagine you go on the road trip – you need to fill the car with the right fuel so it takes you to your destination.

It works the same for your beautiful body.

When you eat the right foods it will give you the right energy.

I know it is so confusing these days to know what is right. With all the different diets out there and so much information to choose from we often go from one side to another without any direction and  never really feel right.

I’ve been there myself  and I even thought I was eating healthy!

Well until my body caught my attention with weird kind of eczema all over my hands and scalp area. Not a nice picture I tell you. I was eating mainly sensory, quick toast here and there, and always looking out for a new bio products on the market not knowing how to listen to my body and its needs. I had cravings for sweets and because I didn’t give my body wholegrain food I was always in the kitchen between my clases looking for something to munch on. But that’s all ended when I changed to energetic & wholegrain diet.

Try this experiment: Grab 3 pots with earth

  1. Plant a slice of toast
  2. plant an oat flake
  3. Plant a wholegrain seed

Water them all equally and leave them by the window.

I want to know what comes up after a week.

I bet you know the answer already! YES there won’t be a plant full of toasts or oat flakes because both of them are processed and energetically dead. Your body receives the same effect, yes it will calm the hunger for a while but it won’t nurture you the same as our third friend a whole grain seed.

This will come out as a plant because it has all the universal memory in it, and this will give you the life, mental clarity and stable energy that you need to go through your day.


I invite you to start your day with wholegrain bowl of cereals (preferably gluten free), you can cook it day before and just warm it up with a little touch of rice or almond milk (sugar free one), with few nuts and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower or sesame)  and let me know after few days how you feel.

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