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Pilates That Centres You
Not all forms of Pilates are the same!

Pilates That Centres You

Joseph Pilates’ teachings have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many fitness studios now offering Pilates-inspired programs.

Sadly, this approach has modified and distilled the original Pilates method over time.

Instead, Ivana teaches the original Pilates method that was made popular by Joseph Pilates’ teachings, allowing you to experience the amazing physical benefits Pure Pilates has to offer.

Improve Your Body and Mind with Pilates

Feel Flexible

Feel Balanced

Feel Strong

Pure Pilates One to One Workout
Tailored To You

One to One Workouts

Set personal goals and achieve them with one to one Pilates workouts with Ivana. 

Online one to ones are available so you can be guided even when working out from home.

What Ivana's Clients Have to Say

Why Pure Pilates?

Pilates with Ivana makes me challenge myself every day and helps me understand that "I can't" doesn't exist!

It's something I do once a week, for me, to take care of my body and mind. It helps me to overcome every obstacle with double force.

The most important thing I have noticed is I'm more self-confident and I am able to achieve my goals, because Pilates makes you strong!

I 100% recommended it for people who want self-confidence and positivity every day of the year. And if it's with Ivana, it'll be BETTER THAN THE BEST!
Rosa Rubio Sola

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