One to One Workout with Ivana
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One to One Workouts

Each body is different. Become stronger in your body with fully personalised one to one Pilates workouts with Ivana. Work together to keep your body healthy and your mind happy.

Pilates Worldwide

Pilates one to ones can be experienced via video call from the comfort of your own home.

Personal Connection

Positive reinforcement, emotional support, and training tailored just to you and your body.

Pure Pilates One to One Workout

Why Book a One to One?

Together, we can solve the aches and pains holding you back.

Your one to one workout will be for you, and you alone.

Fix physical problems, including bad posture, stiffness, soreness, and weakening muscles.

Studio One to One

  • Workout at our beautiful Pilates studio in Ibiza
  • Use authentic Pilates equipment
  • Hands-on training with Ivana

Online One to One

  • Experience Pilates in your own home
  • Personal and experienced training with Ivana
  • Receive ongoing support
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What Ivana's Clients Say

As I started to lose muscle mass I had a go at pilates with Ivana. I only knew this method by name.

I regained all my abilities in a space of 2 months of twice a week sessions.

I initiated with private lessons because I needed in-depth work. I continued with one private and one duet class just for fun. Now I continue in one to one because I just can't do without it!

It is a gentle method but does not exclude body aches on certain days. And even outside the sessions, I rectify my posture in everyday life. I particularly appreciate the equipment that makes it such an original method.

Of all the gymnastics I have tried in my life, Pilates is the only one that brings me well-being that I never get tired of.
Nicole Vloeberghs

I have a question about One to One's

If you have never done Pilates it’s not a problem. You can come as you are and we will work step by step working on the basics to build a good foundation, a strength of your powerhouse and alignment of your body.

Yes! If you would like one (or more) sessions per week, or a block of sessions per month, just ask!

They work out better value for you too!

Yes. You can become a Pure Pilates VIP and gain access to over 100 Pilates workout videos, with new ones being added every week!

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please contact Ivana.

Benefits of Pilates with Ivana

Connect To Yourself

Improve Your Posture

Strengthen Your Body

Become More Flexible

Release Tension

Raise Your Vibration

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Contact Ivana to book your Pilates workout either online or at Pure Pilates Ibiza studio

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