Kavita Jaiswal Contemporary Indian Abstract Artist

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Kavita Jaiswal, an exponent of contemporary Abstract Expressionism, began her journey as an Artist in the 1980’s. She is a recipient of the Distinguished Achievements Award by the Lalit kala Academy for her contribution to Art, the National Fellowship for Fine art, by the Ministry of Culture Govt of India, the Charles Wallace India Trust Award from the British Council, amongst several others. Her works have been shown at prestigious shows such as the Christies Auction London, the National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi , The UNESCO Power of Peace exhibition Bangkok, to name a few. Her works are found in several collections such as, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Ebrahim Alkazi collection Art Heritage New Delhi, the British council and the Kiran Nader Museum. As an artist Kavita has worked with several media and has expressed herself in drawings, paintings, photography, and video installations. She continues her quest of over 35 years, each time engaging with the realisation that there is a functioning in the world and a sense of individuality can be there , but this is seen within a greater understanding which is unchanging. The imagery in her works has moved from form to the formless and from time to the timeless.

Kavita´s web site : http://www.kavitajaiswal.com/

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