Pilates reformer:

Reformer intermediate workout.

Reformer is the base of Pilates. It is my best friend when I work out. It hugs me, guides me, aligns my body and helps me to focus on the movement and all the muscles that are needed to perform the excercise.

However I have to admit that not all my workouts involve jumping on this amazing piece of equipment. I go throught a stages when I dont touch it for a week, but its always lovely to get back on as I said before it really hugs your and takes care of your alignment and strength all over your body from inside out.

I love to see how my clients change from the start of the class to the end. At the beggining they lie down and are little bit to one side with the tale bone, so I ask them to adjut to work nicely alinged from the start. Then we continue the work and go through the series of stomach massage, short box, long box, long stretches, knee stretches series etc and when they go back on their back for the final part which is called running they lie down perfectly aligned in the center! My face lits up with smile as this is a sign of a good work, great lift, stability and stretch of the entire body.

I truelly LOVE and ENJOY seeing improvements of my clients within 1 session!

And more so over the longer period of time! I think I found a purporse of my life and it makes me very happy! Helping others to feel better in their body.

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