Pilates is Good For :

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When somebody used to ask Joe Pilates what is that exercise good for he used to say its good for the body!


Pilates is good for circulation. This is equivalent of an ¨internal shower¨

As in the spring vast masses of melting snows on mountains in the hinterlands cause rivers to swell and rush turbulently onward to the sea, so too will your blood flow with renewed vigor as the direct result of your faithfully performing Pilates exercises. These exercises induce the heart to pump strong and steadily with the result that the bloodstream is forced to carry and discharge more and more of the accumulated debris created by fatigue.

Pilates exercises drive the pure fresh blood to every muscle fibre of our bodies.

Particularly to the very important capillaries which ordinarily are rarely ever fully stimulated once we have reached adulthood. As a heavy rainstorm freshens the water of a sluggish or stagnant stream and whips it into immediate action, so Pilates exercises purify the blood in the bloodstream and whip it into instant action with the result that the organs of the body, including the important sweat glands, receive the benefit of clean fresh blood carved to them by the rejuvenated bloodstream.

Joseph Pilates, Return to Life Through Contrology

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